A new start! A new world!

It seemed like the planets were moving but it was my website that had to move

Taken from my 80mm refractor telescope.

It all started a month after moving to a new internet provider and realising I had no web hosting for vk5zbr.com.

It was free before with my previous internet provider.

I have had vk5zbr.com since 2007, which surprised me!!

I started down the path of website writing when AREG (a radio club I was a founding member of) needed a website.

We started hosting their website on VK5TZX’s server. It was all about UNIX and HTML text.

AREG web page 2008
2009 vk5zbr web site

How things have changed, we now have WordPress. A new world of SSL, categories, spam, AIOSEO, forms, caching, bandwidth and visitors per month and more …

I tried free hosting – but it’s not straightforward! Now I am with WordPress. It is all still new to me. Making mistakes as I go along, like losing our email forwarding and having to set it up on the new service.
But I’m learning.