My uBitx

My uBitx story

This started June 2018 when a work college showed me a radio kit he had ordered. 

 It was the Ubitx and it blew me away what it could do for such a low price.  That night on the net I read of other ‘s building it with lots of mods and a touch colour screen.  My god this is amazing.  The next night I ordered one from HF signals site.


Funny thing is I still had a Bitx20 to finish building,  this project has been on going for 3 year.

Wait seemed to take for ever but it gave me time to think, what this radio going to look like.  Back in 1994 I wanted to make a fox hunting receive for HF to 6M.    

This project only got to the halfway point when I gave up.  This gave me the idea of the format of the design.  The radio would slide into a amo box for portable work.  


As this is a transceiver it has heat issues and plugs and sockets cant be mounted on the back.  I don’t like the idea of stuff coming out the front so the side it will be.

First sketch of my idea

My thinking was also influenced by my other new hobby, 3D printing.  This has opened up a whole new world of what I can do.

Also I had a dream of upgrading my uBit with a touch screen and KD8CEC firmware.

So I did this first drawing while a bit borded.  

I knew the firmware allowed the radio to go down to 160m and 473kHz but at the time I had no idea it worked so well down there.

So the project has started a bit backwards.  I will make the chassis and case and work out the insides later.  My wish list is my guide.

to be continued

  1. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always useful…

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